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Powerglide Transmissions
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PG92345R shown with optional Ultra-Bell

The Powerglide transmission is definitely the transmission of choice for many forms of competition,and J.W. Performance is at the fore front of Powerglide technology. Each Powerglide that J.W. builds under goes thorough inspection, and assembly to exacting specifications and tolerances before being dynoed. Click on the links below to order the best Powerglide you can buy. FREE shipping to US48 states ($175.00 value)

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Ultra -Case
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Strength and rigidity is the key to any foundation, which is why J.W. Performance developed the Ultra-Case. Most engine builders would not build a high horsepower race engine in a stock block, so why build a race Powerglide with a stock case. The all aluminum Ultra-Case is the strongest and most rigid foundation available to build your Powerglide with. Designed to be used with the Ultra-Bell, this case is loaded with benefits such as: improved oil passages, adjustable transbrake release, increased material thickness in critical areas which results in elimination of case breakage, and it fits under stock floors. The Ultra-case is SFI certified and can be outfitted with our SFI certified deep pan to eliminate the need for any external straps or shields. Click links below to order the strongest Powerglide Case you can buy and receive FREE shipping to US48 states ($80.00 value)

Ultra-Case Part # 92310

Ultra -Tail
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The Ultra-Tail is a great upgrade for any Powerglide transmission. With 5 times the strength of the stock tailhousing and a roller bearing in the end, this tailhousing greatly reduces output shaft flex and friction. The Ultra-Tail can be used on any stock or aftermarket Powerglide case without the need for a special yoke. Click link below to order and recieve FREE shipping in US48 states.

Ultra-Tail Part # 92309

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